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Natural Treatments, Advice and Hope of Recovery For Children With Autism

Autism Biomedical Resource Site

"There is a golden window of opportunity that slowly diminishes as the child gets older."

Jaqueline McCandless, MD. Autism Specialist and author of "Children With Starving Brains"

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Children's Health

ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Picky Eaters, Poor Sleep

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Autism and Dietary Intervention

Increasingly parents report an improvement of behaviour and symptoms with dietary intervention. These anecdotal reports are ignored by mainstream doctors and pediatricians citing that there are no clinical studies that support the benefit of dietary intervention. If these professionals bothered to read the full studies, instead of just the abstracts, then I am sure they would have a different opinion.



Autism and Gastrointestinal Issues

Loose stools, constipation, reflux, gut inflammation, gut pathogens and yeast infections are very common issues that are under diagnosed by medical professionals. More importantly gut issues can have an adverse effect on a child's behaviour. Heal the gut and see a happier more compliant child. More studies are being published linking gut issues and behaviour.


Gut Acting Up?

Acid reflux, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Constipation, Bloating - naturally treatable. Don't put up with being uncomfortable and in pain.



Mood Disorders - Work out the underlying cause first

           There are a number of reasons why you may be feeling low ranging from genetic susceptibility, thyroid issues, gluten sensitivity, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Once corrected you again feel able to cope with life and not depend on medication. 

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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Poor Health

          Heavy metal toxicity is the cause of many chronic health conditions. 





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Last modified: 07/24/12

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