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To be able to breakdown protein requires gastric, pancreatic and small intestine protease. Zymax has a broad range of acid resistant protease displaying gastric, pancreatic and small intestine activities. Additionally the formulation also includes a combination of endoprotease and exoprotease to ensure extensive protein hydrolysis.

Included in the formula is a proline specific dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) analogue shown to have DPP-IV type activity. This enzyme is crucial for breaking apart opioid type poly-proline peptides (exorphins- generated from grains and dairy products) that are resistant to hydrolysis by regular protease.

Exorphins such as gluteomorphins from gluten and casomorphins produced from casein display potent opioid activities being very similar to our brains' own endorphins. An accumulation of these endorphins in the central nervous system is thought to be responsible for the feeling of being "spaced out" or "foggy brain" so common with patients with food allergies/intolerances and autism.


Product Size: 100 grams


Each 1.5 grams (equiv. 1/2 level teaspoon) contains:

Acid protease - 150mg (activity 15,000 HUT)

Peptidase - 150mg (activity 30,000 HUT)

Bromelain - 30mg (activity 2,300 GDU)

Amylase - 450mg (activity 4,000 DU)

Lipase - 420mg (activity 300 LU)

Lactase - 300mg (1,500 ALU)

Contains maltodextran


Zymax is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. can be taken after food or on an empty stomach. It is odourless and mixes well with drinks.


Price: $  42.68


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Last modified: 07/24/12

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