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Candida Rapid Test

Candida infection is a common diagnosis encountered in the clinical situation.

The CanDia5 Candida Rapid Test is a highly sensitive test intended for the rapid detection of IgG antibodies to Candida. The simple test is performed at the clinic, utilising a drop of fingertip blood and results are available in just 6 minutes. It has been developed by Rockeby biomed, which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections in humans.

The CanDia5 test is able to identify all the common Candida species encountered in practice, including: Candida albicans, Candida glabra, Candida tropicalis and Candida parapsilosis. It is an invaluable test to monitor the effectiveness of anti-Candida treatments.

Sensitivity of test: 78%

Specificity of test:90%

Positive Predictive Value: 96.8%

Cost of test: $34.32

Note price of tests may change without notice.

For testing contact All Natural Advantage to arrange your test.

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Last modified: 07/24/12

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