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All Natural Advantage is a clinic in Melbourne offering specialist integrative medicine testing and Naturopathic treatments for a variety of health conditions. This newsletter features articles featuring comprehensive information on children’s health, gastrointestinal disorders, mood disorders, dietary interventions, testing options, and much more. At All Natural Advantage we combine a comprehensive medical history, dietary assessment, with integrative medicine testing (where appropriate) to unravel underlying causes of illness and help you onto a path of wellness again.

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  • Seasonal Allergies
  • The Methylation Cycle
  • Vitamin C & Vaccinations
  • Autism Research Review
  • Webinar: Quick Start Tips
  • Music Therapy & Social Skills

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Recently the 2015 Asia Pacific Autism Conference was held over three days in Brisbane. I did not attend the conference. However looking at the conference program it was sad to see that over the three day program there was not one speaker that addressed any issue relating to gut problems, essential nutrient deficiencies, dietary restrictions, biochemical abnormalities or the many other medical co-morbidities that ASD children present with. Each session was titled “Transforming Lives, Well-Being, Families, Beginnings, etc.“ Nothing about transforming their health so that they can have a good start to achieve their full potential. To be fair there was one presentation on sleep, cortisol and melatonin and a presentation or two on anxiety. If it wasn’t for MINDD or Bio-Balance bringing out speakers to Australia for the conferences they run, many more children would continue to suffer.

This newsletter aims to raise awareness that research into ASD, ADHD, mood disorders, and our understanding of gastrointestinal, immune and brain function is changing how many conditions are treated.

Those with seasonal allergies or allergic rhinitis, the beginning of spring brings with it months of sneezing, nasal discharge, nasal congestion, itchy, watery eyes and general malaise. Sometimes this may also be accompanied with conjunctivitis. Not pleasant for an adult let alone for a child. Interestingly, many parents report a worsening in behaviour in ASD children on days of a high pollen count. Seasonal allergies occur as an immune response to pollens and sometimes fungal spores. As allergic rhinitis frequently co-occurs with asthma, bouts of sneezing can trigger asthma attacks.

What can we do to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies?

What is the research showing to be effective for seasonal allergies?

Pregnancy and risk of developing allergic rhinitis

Seasonal Allergies
The Methylation Cycle
Methylation is being talked about a lot in medical research, as well as in many discussion groups from chemical sensitivity...
Vitamin C and Vaccinations
Mention vaccination and you open up a cupboard of emotions: worry, fear, confusion, despair, guilt as well as polarised views...
Autism Research Review
Nutritional studies are still showing that a gluten free casein free diets are not “dangerous” as some would like us to believe..
Webinar: Quick Start Tips
In today’s digital technology world, there is no excuse for parents not to be informed. When I was looking for treatment options to help...
Music Therapy & Social Skills
Socialisation deficits are one of the core characteristics of ASD, and a significant source of impairment regardless of cognitive...
Individualised Music Classes
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