A new study has found that adult deaths from very low levels of lead exposure, is higher, perhaps ten times higher than previously expected! In line with some other recommendations from regulatory authorities, they concluded that there are no safe levels of lead exposure. Previously lead was primarily considered an issue in children and how it can affect their learning ability. We are now learning that it has much greater health effects than previously realised...

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It All Made Sense When We Found Out We Were Autistic

Autism is under-diagnosed in women as they tend to fly under the autism radar and tend to be diagnosed later in life. Learn from the experiences of these women that are willing to share their stories...
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Food Additives as a Cause of Gut Permeability and Autoimmune Diseases

A recent study has put forward the idea that the rise in autoimmune disease may be the result of food additives damaging the gastrointestinal mucosa and increasing intestinal permeability or “leaky gut”...

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Biobalance Conference Review 2018

Bio-Balance held their annual conference in Melbourne recently with some great speakers from the US and Australia. The wealth of knowledge these speakers passed onto the attending delegates was invaluable...
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