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Autism (ASD)

Autism is a complex disorder, requiring a comprehensive treatment plan, so that they grow into the best version of themselves that they can be. Where do you start to help your child so they can have a happy, healthy and meaningful life?


In my mind there is no question that a child’s behaviour can be adversely affected by what they eat, insufficient sleep, gastrointestinal issues and nutrient deficiencies. Addressing these issues and checking for any other underlying medical conditions, can…

Children’s Health

It is normal for your child to get sick a few times a year. However, it is not normal for them to be sick frequently, take a long time to recover and have ongoing recovery issues, like a persistent cough, asthma or runny nose.

Mood Disorders

Children’s Mood Disorders – genetic susceptibilities, diet, nutrient deficiencies and gut health : What is the connection? A child’s genetic makeup and hence their individual biochemistry plays a major role in determining the factors that…

Diets That Heal

While we may seek help with dietary guidance, ultimately the decisions regarding the direction you take for your child is is uniquely individual and personal. I took a personal journey to recover my health and then went on to do the same for my son when…

Gastrointestinal Health

The gastrointestinal system is such an integral part of the human body. Your child will not feel well when some part of the gut is not working your child will not feel well. They may have a gut condition like constipation,  loose stools, reflux, coeliac disease…

Health Services / Tests

  • Food Allergy Testing

  • Gastrointestinal Assessments
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Kryptopyrrole (Mauve Factor)
  • Gene Testing
  • Organic Acid Test
  • Methylation Tests


The Autism GAINES Project

The Autism GAINES Project

Every parent has hope for their child’s future. The Autism GAINES Project gives hope with a plan. Building a strong foundation for every child.