AT - Mother ASD son

John, I’m not sure what it is, Biomins or the other suppement that you gave with glycine, but WOW. Huge improvement. He is more positive, less oppositional. But the most noticable change was with his English. It started two days ago after we started those new supplements you gave us. He suddenly started speaking fluently, volunteering to speak up in front of the group. Everyone in childcare and his speech therapist were asking if we changed supplements or his diet.

LR - Mother to ASD son

Yesterday I went to meet my GP and mentioned about the blood tests recommended by you. She mentioned that she knows many children under ASD spectrum who are taking naturopath treatments are showing improvements and was happy to give referral the blood tests. She also added coeliac screen test and diabetic test to the list.

AM - Mother to ASD son

The new doctor that you referred me to was able to get Charlie’s blood test results that he had done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2013 and found that he had in fact had hypothyroidism then but no one told me so I’m quite annoyed and frustrated. But at least now we know. He also has hypoglycaemia and since we’ve been a lot more diligent in having him eat more regularly, his behaviour, mood, anxiety has improved tenfold. I want to thank you so much for your input. You were a big stepping stone to get to this new doctor and without your help I don’t know where we would be now, so thank you so much John. I’m grateful.

MM - Mother to Asperger son

Gabriel has begun the school year beautifully and is doing so well. We really have no issues with him at all now and his teacher says he is an absolute delight.

TG - Mother to Asperger girl

Hi John,
Just to let you know Milena is back to being the girl she was before we came to see you. So happy and confident again. All her sensory stuff has resolved itself. She is back at school with her friends and doing well academically. We are relieved and thankful for your help.


Hi John,
I just wanted to say a big thank you. I remember stumbling onto your details on the internet in a fog of ill health and desperation and you were a little shining light of humanity in what was a pretty difficult time. You set me up with those test kits on a number of occasions and had the capacity to listen to a stranger who’d rung you up out of the blue and offered practical assistance.
Thanks again for your help John.

KH - Mother to ASD son

Hi John,
One week in and he is like a different child. Verbal stimming is still there, but less aggressive behaviour and more flexibility. Anxiousness much reduced. Only just started the probiotic yesterday so will see if that does antything for the stim. Amazing the change in one week. He’s so much easier to live with, whole family is more relaxed. Even my hubby who was very sceptical about supplements is on board now.

NW - Mother to Asperger's girl

Hi John,
Just wanted to say thank you for the trial of GABA that you put Nim on. We noticed the difference from day one.
I hadn’t realsied how bad her sleep had got, I even think I told you it was ok, but it seemed like normal as it’s been happening for some time now. She normally takes hours to go to sleep, and getting up in the night and coming in. Well, that first night of GABA, she fell off asleep straight away. We were stunned. And then the next night, and the next night. One morning she was up before everyone, as she had slept so well! Only once has she come into our room during the night this week. And each day her mood swings are less volatile, and she is able to control herself better, or quicker. She feels more loving to us, perhaps because we are less stressed and not reacting to her meltdowns. Her brother notices it, Dad notices it, and even people who know her at school notice it. It’s AMAZING.
So thank you. It feels like we have got a closer version of the girl she could be. The girl she inherently is.
It’s no small thing, so much gratitude from us.

AS - Mother to ASD son

Hi John,
Dylan is going great- starting to eat really well (including pureed fruit). He has stopped going to the toilet in the bedroom. He is a lot calmer and his general happiness is great. His teachers are really happy with him at school. His language has also picked up. We have absolutely no negatives to report, which is absolutely fantastic for us. Thanks John.

MH - Mother to ASD son

Hi John
Just to let you know that Jacob has been brilliant for the last week. He had a good week at school, overcame his fear and rode his bike without training wheels for the first time, and swam without assistance at swimming lessons for the first time. He’s been more calm and agreeable. It’s been AMAZING!

MC - Mother

Hi John,
Sara is doing really well. We’re keeping off gluten, milk & salicylates and she is relatively “symptom free”. Her behaviour / anxiety is much improved and she is even negotiating situations she hasn’t been able to before. I can tell within half an hour if she has eaten something she shouldn’t have. Thank you for identifying salicylates, it has made a real difference.

MM - Mother

Gabriel is doing very well. He is the most consistent and in control that he has ever been. Feedback from school is that he is “perfect”. However recently we put strawberries into his smoothies and found that he couldn’t sit still or look us in the eye. Strawberries are definitely off the list of foods for Gabriel. Thanks again.

NC - Mother

Darcy is currently up to 4 mls of herbal mix per day. Iron intake is still only 1.2 mL a day but am trying other foods with iron in it. He is doing well and managing without his Ritalin meds. Sleeping is better and having longer sleeps. Meltdowns are very rare. Thanks John for your help.

TR - Parent

Will has been doing so amazingly well in the last couple of weeks!! He is consistently drinking water, happier, babbling more, more eye contact, pointing and saying “mum” and initiating “shared play”. He seems a lot happier and shows a lot more interaction. Eats a lot of different food these days, but all stuff he feeds himself which makes supps hard most days. Thankyou as you have been the only one to make a difference for Will. Even the gasto doctor did not pick up the bowel issues that he had. He is doing so well, sleeping through the night and happy, life is so much easier for us now.

SR - Mother

Since our first visit with Charlie in 2007, we never expected that he would have been able to achieve all that he has. Remember I was the mother that was so resistant to doing the gluten and casein free diet. However when we did try it, we saw a huge improvement in Charlie. He remains gluten free, but is able to tolerate the occasional amount of gluten when we go out. He did well in mainstream primary school and the transition to year 7 has gone well with your support. He is showing a maturity and independence that is amazing. He still takes his supplements and reminds me if I forget to give them to him in the morning! My son would not be where he is without your help. For that we are very grateful.

MJ - Parent

My daughter is doing extremely well these days! She is thriving like she never had before, and her anxiety and behaviours improved in under 2 weeks of changing her diet. We changed her diet to dairy and gluten free and reduced sugar, but we eliminated all sugar, added in green juices and smoothies, less fruit, and all organic. Her anxiety and behaviours have improved so much in under 2 weeks of changing her diet. The school asked me if I had medicated her!! It was amazing!! Thank you for your help. You were always so lovely and helpful to us.


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Passionate about your child’s health and wellbeing.

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