Children's Health Links

This is not an exhaustive list of links. Just those websites that I have found useful over many years, and more recently the Autism Bloggers, that have given me an invaluable insight into their world of autism. Only those living with autism can give you an insight into your own child’s world (unless you are also a parent with autism). Although my ideas or beliefs may not always align with all the featured presenters or video bloggers, I do feel it is important to keep an open mind. Only by doing so, may you change your mind on how you view autism, ADHD, and mood disorders.

Instant Research

For the Parents that are research geeks like me, just go to Pubmed and type in “autism”, “ADHD” or “gut microbiome” into the search bar. You will get instant access to the latest research papers on autism, ADHD, gut microbiome, or any other topic you may be interested in.

Other Autism Video Bloggers I like, but there are many others. So check them out!

  • Stephanie Bethany YouTube Channel
    Stephanie posts video blogs on autism/Asperger’s, sharing her experiences, and helping to spread awareness, acceptance, understanding and knowledge.

  • Ask an Autistic YouTube Channel
    Amethyst Schaber. Her YouTube Channel title is self-explanatory.

  • Agony Autie
    The ramblings of a 34-year-old Autistic woman, reaching out to autistics, parents, carers, professionals & society in general.

  • Autmazing
    A blog about large family life in a family where all 7 members of our family are autistic.
  • Teamautismpedia: Bettering Autistic lives through education
    We hope to teach people on the spectrum how to reach their potential, their families how to help them out, and communities on how they can help better the lives of people on the autism spectrum.

Parents often ask if I have any tips to help bring on speech for their children.
These are the top links that I refer them to: